Cut to the Chase #7: A Very Brief Movie Review

Thunder Force (2021) - Rotten Tomatoes
Thunder Force/Netflix

Thunder Force is not your typical superhero movie. It has the same kind of rambling humor that you’d expect from Melissa McCarthy. Octavia Spencer’s Emily plays a sort of straight man to McCarthy’s Lydia and adds some gravitas to the story. Lydia wastes no time putting her powers to good use while Emily seems uncertain with her powers in the beginning.

Don’t let the slapstick, rambling humor distract you from the fact that the movie’s kickass heroes are two middle-aged, plus-sized women. I think that’s pretty cool. And like any good movie, there’s an unexpected twist at the end.

Thunder Force has the perfect balance of humor, action, and heart.

4/5 ♥

Cut to the Chase #6: A Very Brief Movie Review


(I found this in my drafts. Would’ve been better to have posted it when the movie premiered. Oops. Better late than never, I guess.)

I wouldn’t say this is a typical rom-com but it does have a sprinkling of familiar tropes and gags. Though the story begins on Christmas it is not Christmas-centric. We get to experience a dozen other holidays with the characters. The leads are quite charming and the supporting cast keeps the humor flowing. A major bonus of the movie is the ever-so-charming and uber-talented Kristin Chenoweth.

4/5 ♥