Cut to the Chase #7: A Very Brief Movie Review

Thunder Force (2021) - Rotten Tomatoes
Thunder Force/Netflix

Thunder Force is not your typical superhero movie. It has the same kind of rambling humor that you’d expect from Melissa McCarthy. Octavia Spencer’s Emily plays a sort of straight man to McCarthy’s Lydia and adds some gravitas to the story. Lydia wastes no time putting her powers to good use while Emily seems uncertain with her powers in the beginning.

Don’t let the slapstick, rambling humor distract you from the fact that the movie’s kickass heroes are two middle-aged, plus-sized women. I think that’s pretty cool. And like any good movie, there’s an unexpected twist at the end.

Thunder Force has the perfect balance of humor, action, and heart.

4/5 ♥

Cut to the Chase #6: A Very Brief Movie Review


(I found this in my drafts. Would’ve been better to have posted it when the movie premiered. Oops. Better late than never, I guess.)

I wouldn’t say this is a typical rom-com but it does have a sprinkling of familiar tropes and gags. Though the story begins on Christmas it is not Christmas-centric. We get to experience a dozen other holidays with the characters. The leads are quite charming and the supporting cast keeps the humor flowing. A major bonus of the movie is the ever-so-charming and uber-talented Kristin Chenoweth.

4/5 ♥

Cut to the Chase #5: A Very Brief Book Review

The Lending Library by Aliza Fogelson

I can only assume this story takes place in an alternate universe, one free of war, famine, or plague. A world in which a teacher has time to bake elaborate pastries and run a small library out of her home, and a sexy construction worker enjoys reading Don Quixote in his spare time. There is of course some conflict–there wouldn’t be a story without it. But it feels cloaked in naivete.

Despite this world being annoyingly perfect, I kept reading because I found something endearing about the story. It gave me a chance to escape this rotten universe. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters and the small town they live in. And even though I’m a cynic, I’m also a hopeless romantic. And as soon as the story hinted at a potential romance, I was hooked.

3/5 ♥

Cut to the Chase #4: A Very Brief Craft Tool Review


The Bead Buddy Pinnacle Series Side Cutter

I’ve been looking for a heavy duty wire cutter to cut the stainless steel findings I use in my jewelry-making projects. I ruined several pairs of wire cutters before finding this particular one. The stainless steel findings I use are about 22 gauge. This side cutter is made from carbon steel. It’s very durable and features a comfortable, no-slip grip. It works great on my iron-based findings too; I don’t have to apply too much pressure to cut through the pieces. It retails for $9.99. I bough it at Joann Fabrics and because they always have coupons, I got 50% off. Great quality, great price. I highly recommend these side cutters for any jewelry-making projects.

5/5 ♥

Cut to the Chase #3: A Very Brief TV Review

Image result for downward dog

The stars of Downward Dog, Martin and Nan.

Downward Dog is a delightful new sitcom on ABC, which stars a talking dog. But it isn’t gimmicky. It’s actually quite touching and insightful. Each episode plays with the parallels of Martin’s and Nan’s stories. This narrative tool adds a lot of depth to the show. Also important to  note is the chemistry of the cast, who seem to be great friends in real life, as they have viewing parties and live tweet the show each week. It’s a great way for the fans to interact with the cast and crew. Downward Dog, like a lot of my favorite shows, is the perfect combination of funny and touching.

5/5 ♥



Cut to the Chase #2: A Very Brief Book Review

Rabbit Cake by Annie Hartnett

Rabbit Cake by Annie  Hartnett

This is a very unique and lovely novel.  Animals play an important role in this book, they’re characters, not props. There were moments that made me cry. Oh man, I love a book that makes me cry. The narrator is young but it’s more of a retrospective narrative with a very clear voice. I really enjoyed this book. I just loved it.

5/5 ♥

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Cut to the Chase

I’m going to start a series called “Cut to the Chase,” in which I write very brief reviews of books, TV shows, movies, and whatever else catches my fancy. When I read reviews, I’m not looking for a synopsis. I can find that anywhere. I just want a few lines about why you like it–or don’t like it. Cut to the chase!

I’m going to play catch up and post some old reviews.